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What we want

Two major areas of necessary coverage and activity were identified: first to provide relevant information on markets in the Asia-Pacific region, through seminars, conferences and discussions, as well as through advice from successful entrepreneurs. And second to help breakdown cultural barriers as well as differences and anxiety to enter these markets. The resonance we have had is very positive. In the past 21 years the German Asia Pacific Society has conducted many highly rated seminars on China (15), India (13) as well as on South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan and Sri Lanka.

The Society has also, over the years, provided a platform for business delegations from Asian countries visiting Germany to meet potential partners and business connections. These events have also proved to be of great interest and resulted in successful co-operations..

Our commitment to build bridges to benefit our members and those attending our seminars and events has proved to be effective and won appreciation from both sides of the links.


The German Asia Pacific Society - A competent advisor and guide to Asia.

The German Asia Pacific Society...

  • regularly conducts seminars on opportunities / investments in countries and areas in the Asia Pacific region, in co-operation with competent partners. The annual seminars on China and India, held for many years, are recognised as being professional, comprehensive and eminently useful to participants.
  • assists in identifying suitable business partners in Asia and Europe.
  • provides guidance and assistance in preparing to enter Asian markets.
  • actively helps Asian members in entering the German market.
  • advises and assists delegations from Asian countries.
  • provides, on request, a forum to present investment opportunities.
  • co-operates with other recognised, competent institutions, ensuring access to relevant and useful information.
  • issues a regular news bulletin to its members with useful information and data on Asia Pacific.